About Delta Virtual Airlines

Since 2014 Delta Virtual has set out to serve the virtual airline community with a fun, realistic airline that focuses on the pure joy of flying. Simply put, we are a community of pilots who love to fly.

While we fully understand the place for ultra-realistic virtual airlines that require check rides, pilot exams, strict adherence to defined schedules and aircraft assignments, we are not that type of VA. Turn on the computer, pick a flight, fly the flight plan, land well and file a PIREP; simple, fun, enjoyable. Plus, you can fly any aircraft on any route. So grab your favorite payware and take it where ever you care to fly.

We hope you choose Delta Virtual.

Jay Roberts
Founder - Delta Virtual

Delta Virtual Op's - 4 Active Flights

Pilot In Command Flight Number Equipment Departure Arrival Status
Lamar SpeightWJA555B737-700McCarran International AirportVancouver International AirportClimbing
Lilly ParkerAFR179B747-400Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportCharles de Gaulle International AirportCruising
Steven BottinDAL17B777-200Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain AirportNarita International AirportCruising
Lee ScutchingsDAL200BB777-200OR Tambo International AirportHartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportDescending

Delta Virtual Op's - Live Flight Map - 4 Active Flights

Delta Virtual Op's - Recent Flights

Pilot Airline Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Landing
Joseph RoccoSWA102KPHXKLAX01.02-138
Jeffrey EdwardAA3843401KDCAKLAX5.120
Marc StanfordDAC4665CYYZNFFN14.48-100
Brayden LinkUAL2860KLAXPHOG05.37-306
Jeffrey EdwardAA3843401KCLTKDCA01.16-102
Robert FaisonAA1123KJFKKCLT01.37-299
James BatemanSWA1004KLAXKOAK01.06-779
Jeffrey EdwardAA3843401KJFKKCLT01.31-84
Phillip Peter FrederiksenDAC356PAOMPHNL06.28-232
Matthew AubreyDAL1390KDENKATL02.37-107

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